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Whats Your Tile Style?

by Chloe Donaldson on September 04, 2020
Check your Pinterest and Instagram libraries…Are they artfully curated or wild like the wind.

Is there a prevailing theme and general colour palette…have you inadvertently set your own interior design presets.

Or is it diverse and multifarious, depending on your mood….

What does your tile style say about you? And what language do you want to create in your space.

Unsure? … We are here to help.



Classic Bathroom

Inspired by the high-end trends from the past and reminiscent of a classic European hotel. This style feels familiar and elegant and holds no surprises. It’s considered, refined and embraces sensible choices that will stand the test of time.

Monochromatic schemes complemented with metallic accents and soft lighting create enduring spaces that remain endlessly graceful throughout time.


Subways, Black and White Hues, Patterned Floors, Marble features, Herringbone patterns, Glam it up with gold taps or a feature claw foot bath 

2. Grounded

Grounded handmade bathroom

Credit: Jason Frank Rothenberg

Paired back to explore the purity and texture of natural elements, this theme inspires a whole new level of tactility and resonance.

A space to stop and take heed, where craftsmanship and authenticity allow for finishes to invoke not only a visual, but spiritual and emotional experience.

Raw materials, rustic textures, & earthy tones…. a celebration of imperfection and uncomplicated beauty. 


Terracotta and artfully crafted handmade tiles, natural tones, organic surfaces and shapes. For cabinetry use timbers (or timber look veneers) to add warmth and reflect the earthy tones.

3. Seaside

coastal bathroom tiles
coastal tile bathroom
coastal bathroom design
/ 1

Image Credit 1. Zephyr and Stone, 2. Barefoot Bay Villa - The Designory, 3. Kyal and Kara

Authentic collections from the coastline which promote tranquillity and a sense of calm.  

This theme is naturally light and breezy, where nature takes centre stage.

Soft hues and organic surfaces engage the senses and promote a state of familiar serenity.


Calming blue and green hues, fresh whites with soft curves, natural textures with timber and stone accents. Complimentary grout colours to keep everything in harmony, plenty of greenery


 4. Foraged

Foraged - eclectic bathroom
Credit: Jeff Mindell, Studio DIY

Eclectic and creative, this theme promotes a pilgrimage of the senses.

Artfully selected elements combine to create a space that ultimately promotes ‘your’ vibe.

This theme encompasses clashing patterns and mixed textures. Encourages exploration within a space, a journey through the process. This theme has no rules, each interpretation is unique…and the outcome entirely reflective of the wanderer.


Encaustic, patterned tiles, colours, mixed metallics.  Choose a mix of old and new bathroomware and accessories in different materials.


 5. Indulged

woolara house indulged bathroomCredit: Decus Interiors

This rich and dramatic theme is all about lush and romantic styling. Bold colours that unequivocally make a statement.

This theme is not for the white and beige lovers amongst us… it encourages you to think outside the box with courageous tile choices and daring design statements.

Consider clashing tiles in varied sizes and patterns. Heroic hues that are fanciful and evocative in themselves, but together will be enduring over time. 


Pick a feature tile with a funky pattern and pair it with a contrast tile, dark hues and smooth surfaces. Feature tapware and accessories.


6. Modern

contemporoary bathroom

The simplicity of a modern palette is the perfect elixir to a raucous schedule. 

Minimalist by nature, this theme is restrained and largely neutral in décor. Clean, architectural lines encourage living or occurring at the same time.

There’s no need for loads of accessories or distracting patterns, just a place to promote a sense of stability and calm.


Single or dual tone colour palette, smoother finishes like polished concrete, large tiles or woodlook tiles. Run your tiles to the ceiling, Modern tapware brushed nickel, pearl chrome, brass or matt black


Real Style is never right or wrong...Its a matter of being yourself on purpose...