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Small Bathroom Design

by Chloe Donaldson on September 16, 2020
Just because your space may be small, doesn’t mean your imagination needs to be.

While planning a smaller space may require a little more thought, with some conscious considerations and strategic design tips you can ensure your small space looks and performs just as well as the big guys.

Here are some ways to make a big impact in your small space.


 1. First things First - PLANsmall bathroom design

small shower tiles
Image Credit :   Caroline McCreddie
What are you working with?

It may sound obvious, but before you start planning, or venture into a showroom, take accurate measurements of your space.

Find out exactly what you are working with. This will allow you to design a layout that actually works in your space and pick fixtures that fit accordingly.

Finding your perfect vanity, bath or design feature only to realise it doesn’t actually fit by 1cm, can be frustrating and disappointing. So, get it down on paper first.

 Alexander and co bathroomImage Credit : Alexander & Co 

What do you NEED?

When working with a limited space, you need to ensure that the space will meet your needs before including luxuries. Prioritise the things that are important to you and remove the things that aren’t.

After you’ve factored in the essentials like the toilet, shower, basin, vanity and taps, inclusions like additional storage or heated towel rails can be worked into the equation as space allows. 

Utilise 3D planners and online visualisers to help you work out the best way to maximise your functionality.

Consider how – and when – people will use the space and avoid placing obstacles in the way including door openings……always consider the operational function of ALL the components of your space. A shower screen & entry door collision never ends well.


 2. SMART Selections 

Almost makes perfect bathroom revealImage Credit : Almost Makes Perfect

Savvy, appropriately scaled selections can save you space and allow for some desired added extras.
Space Savers

Good storage is always KEY. Utilising concealed cisterns for toilets & built in elements for storage like integrated shaving cabinets, can free up precious space whilst keeping the form and function of the room. It can also help reduce visual clutter and give the room a greater sense of space.

Vanities  – Wall hung vanities are a great way to create the illusion of space, the void underneath helps make the room feel larger than it is. If your room is extremely tight, consider a wall hung basin. These are also great in powder rooms.

Clever Showers  

The way you configure your shower can make all the difference in a small bathroom. Sliding doors are a great small space solution, avoiding the additional area required for doors that swing outwards.

Tapware  – Rail showers can have a much smaller profile than overhead showers and installing a combined wall mixer can save wall space required for taps. Built in shower Niches are also an excellent storage idea and help keep your accessories out of the way.



laundry room design

white laundry
laundry tiles design
Credit: Image 1. Natalie Finch , Image 2. Michael Artemenko,  Image 3. Pinterest

Beyond aesthetics, tile choices can have BIG impacts in small spaces. Size, finish and layout can have a huge impact on how ‘large’ the room feels.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles to draw the eye up, while directional laying patterns on the floor and walls can lengthen or widen a space accordingly. 

You may think that small spaces call for small tiles..but this ISNT always the case. Large tiles can trick the brain into thinking the space is bigger than it is. Large neutral floor tiles with narrow grout lines can help widen a space. BRIGHT or glossy tiles on walls can reflect light and make a small bathroom feel more spaces spacious.

One bonus of small bathroom design is that you don’t require the same volume of tiles so you may be able to SPLURGE on that feature that will take your room to the next level!


3. PRO Hacks

The bay Haus nelsons bay by tim neveImage Credit: The bay Haus by Tim Neve

 Add a feature to create a dynamic focus to your bathroom

Tiles  - Make subtle statements with colored, mosaics or patterned feature tiles.

Tapware - Select sleek taps with a minimal profile which tie in seamlessly to any aesthetic without making the space look bulky. Feature tapware is a great way to may a statement in your space. Consider matt black, gold or rose gold tapware, to add a little luxe to your room.

Colours - Keep it light and bright to create a sense of openness, as opposed to dark heavy colours which can minimise the feel of the space. Just because its small doesnt mean it cant have character!

Make the MOST out of the room you have – if you know your space and how to work with it, you can create a beautiful space that looks and performs just as well as the big guys.


Do small things with great love