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Designing the Ultimate Laundry, Our Insider guide to Success!

by Chloe Donaldson on August 28, 2020
Love it or loathe it, unless you are blessed to outsource your services ….. sigh DREAM!... this is a place you will undoubtedly spend more time than you desire.

Whether it’s purely about getting the job done, or creating your own secret domestic oasis, it is vital that the design of this space is both practical and functional, regardless of the size!

So, where do you start and what are the essentials?

We’ve put together a list of our top tips for creating the ultimate laundry.

 1. First things First - LAYOUTlaundry room design

stacked laundry room design
laundry tiles design
Credit: Image 1. Abbey Collective,  Image 2. The Block, Image 3. Adore Magazine
Whether you are starting from scratch, renovating or revitalising an existing space, the layout of your laundry is paramount.

Many key factors contribute to designing your perfect laundry layout, some of which are up to personal preference, but we think there are a few non negotiables.

Things to consider -


Washers and dryers come in a variety of shapes and sizes; it is VITAL to pick your appliances before you start designing your layout.

You don’t want to create your dream space only to find out your washer doesn’t fit under the bench, or that there are large gaps either side of your appliances when you wanted an integrated look.


You need to consider how the space will work. Design your space to reduce double handling and streamline your drying and sorting process to save time.

Locate your appliances close together, and if luxury allows utilise built in laundry hampers and internal drying racks. Ensure you have adequate bench space for folding and sorting, and a practical space for ironing. 


laundry room designCredit : Kate Walker Design

As with any space in your home, well thought out storage is a game changer! Include a combination of cupboards, overheads, drawers and benchtop space for the ultimate storage hub.

Overhead cupboards are ideal for storing chemicals up high out of reach of children and the inclusion of a tall cupboard allows you to store brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners out of sight.

 2. Take it to the NEXT levellaundry room design

You’ve covered the essential, now here’s our list of top tips to take your laundry to the next level.
Bench Depth

If you want everything in your laundry be tucked away and streamlined go WIDE on your bench. Standard kitchen bench depth of 600mm is generally not enough in a laundry space.

To ensure your appliances don’t protrude out too far we suggest a minimum 650mm deep benchtop in laundries. This allows for plumbing and services to be well concealed behind your appliances and also gives you the option for a deeper sink.

Sinks & Taps

There are a variety of sink options for your laundry, depending on how much room you have and your needs.

Undermount and drop-in sink options are the most popular. But you can consider doubling up or even super sizing to accommodate large families or pets. Whatever you chose, make sure you have adequate bench space for you taps or mixer.

We know when it comes to taps it can get personal – BUT choosing quality tapware is key. Remember trying to repair budget wall mounted taps can be costly in the future, invest in good tapware ALWAYS.

On a side note - pull out sink mixers can be life changing in a laundry space.


Let there be LIGHT (& Ventilation)

laundry room designCredit: Norsu Home

Of all the rooms in your house, your laundry probably needs the most ventilation.

Good airflow will help keep it free from moisture and mould. An external window or door works best if possible, otherwise a good exhaust fan is a MUST!

If windows are not sufficient consider including a skylight or task lighting in your cabinetry.

Hide your Bits

Concealing your washing machine plumbing and power points under your bench and in your cabinetry can really elevate your laundry design.

Be sure to include practical power point locations for ironing and integrate charging points for vacuums and accessories in your storage areas.


laundry room design

white laundry
laundry tiles design
Credit: Image 1. Kyal & Kara, Image 2. Pinterest,  Image 3. Anna Bode
Laundry’s are considered wet spaces, so tiles are generally the go! There are some other alternatives but let’s face it…… We love TILES!

Flooring, splashbacks, skirting and walls – your only limitation when it comes to tiles in this space is your imagination (and budget!).

Make sure your tiles are suitable for a wet area and are non-slip when wet, and if you are not tiling your walls, consider a skirting tile to prevent damage in case of leaks – or washing machine floods.

Often people don’t put a lot of thought into their laundry tiles as its generally a discreet zone, but it can be an opportunity to be creative and have a little FUN!

YES your laundry needs to be practical, but if it makes you feel good... it can help put a bit of spark into the - wash, dry, fold - & repeat - process!


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