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Bring the HEAT this winter with our designer FIREPLACE tips

by Chloe Donaldson on June 03, 2022
Has the cool change got you feeling ICY, get fired up with our top 5 fireplace designs!

Who can resist a fireplace? Functional in character and timeless in aesthetic, a charming feature in any space. Whether you are renovating or building new, an addition of a fireplace can really turn the heat up in your design. We’ve rounded up our favourite fireplace ideas to get you fired up.


1. Simply STONE

terrace-tiles-stone-fireplace-living-room-design-herringbone-floor-modern farmhouse-renovation-stone cladding
Photo:@shanrosephotography Design:@crddesign Cladding @veneerstone Drystacked Sandstone 

Stone is the OG when it comes to fireplace finishes. It will warm your heart and bring instant nostalgic vibes to any setting. From a rustic farmhouse aesthetic to cool coastal abode, a stone fireplace instantly conveys a homely and earthy vibe.

While sometimes nothing can compare to the original, when it comes to stone and stone look alike cladding, the range of high quality veneer products can provide for a cost effective and efficient solution. These products can be installed by your tiler, without the need for specialists stone masons.


2. Make it MOODY

Image Credit : Chase Daniel 

Aside from being sexy AF, going dark on your fireplace can have several advantages. While the moody hue can provide a sophisticated base and ground your space, it can have the added advantage of concealing dust and ash (the perpetual downfall of the traditional fireplaces).

Glazed brick tiles, large format porcelain or even luxe marble can bring composure to your calm and alluring space.

black-granite-marble-fireplaceImage Credit : @homebunch


3. Think outside the BOX

patterned-tile-fireplaceImage Credit : Lindye Galloway Design Studio/Chad Mellon

There are no rules when it comes to fireplace finishes, well other than the obvious non flammable properties. So get creative.

Pattered, textured and geometric tiles can elevate your fireplace into a league of its own. After all, a statement is meant to be a statement. Make yours memorable. 


2. Moroccan Marvel tiles-of-ezra-handmade-moroccan-tiles-fireplace

Credit: Image 1.Tiles of Ezra, Image 2. Zellige Tiles  Image 3. Pinterest

Eclectic by nature, this theme is textured & considered and holds you like a warm hug.

The notions of generational craftsmanship radiate through the irregularities in each tile. This rustic and timeless material encourages living or occurring at the same time. Slowing the pace and creating the ultimate lived in palette.


5. Color POP

colour-pop-tiles-fireplace-ceramic-tilesblue-tile-colour-fireplaceImage Credit: Aeros Studio

Nothing lifts the mood like a splash of colour. Going BOLD with your colour choices can really brighten up your winter days. There are unlimited possibilities with glazed coloured tiles.

Pick a strong accent colour to form the centerpiece of your space and carry the theme throughout the rest of your furnishings, cushions, artwork etc.


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